Up until he turned five, Henry had never known the darker side of life, and his existence passed as a series of pleasures which ran one into the next. As he grew the boy discovered in turn the joy of self-locomotion, the power of speech, and the pleasure of socializing with a group of well-adjusted peers. And yet these happy times were not to last, as events beyond the young boy's control conspired to draw storm clouds over this idyllic period and introduce a dangerous and uncontrollable element into his life.

Learning Cantonese? Our Cantonese lesson for today is geared at anyone who already has the basics down but who is still working towards mastering more complex sentences and constructions. In this lesson we cover the everything you need to know to properly handle the disciplining of your and other people's children, as well as a simple construction delivered to best effect with a world-weary sigh.
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April 22, 2012
By the way, I find all your podcasts very very quiet. It's a bit inconvenient.
 said on
April 23, 2012
I have a very interesting(and important) question. What kind of book would you recommend for English-speaking Cantonese learners? Those which could be bought in Hong-Kong. The reason why I'm asking, is that I find that some books on Cantonese have different Yuetpin and pronounciation(disgusting old fashioned tape-quality voices), so I'd like to stick with standard Hong Kong Cantonese.

If you know a good book on Cantonese, please advise.

Thanks! ^o^