If you think the sheer population density of Hong Kong is impressive, wait until you experience the island's fast-food density. By our admittedly unscientific survey, conducted on the way to lunch one day, there are several hundred McDonalds prowling the Kowloon area alone, all beckoning to potential customers with free wifi, air conditioning, and sometimes even food....

Learning Cantonese? In this lesson our dialogue covers a lot of fast-food vocabulary, but our focus is really about learning how to offer people choices, and recognize when other people are offering us choices. So if you're learning Cantonese and already have the basics down, join us for a podcast that will help you push towards a higher level fluency in the language. And feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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January 10, 2012
Hi, I have been listening the popup Cantonese lessons and have really enjoyed them so far. They are funny and I really like you have Cantonese and English explanation in the audio - which hardly anyone else does.

This lesson is one of the best Elementary lessons so far as it's really useful and something I can use every day, whereas some of the others are a little abstract. However, they are all very good!