Mary had expected the long hours and the occasionally soul-crushing minutiae of handling the international accounts. Carpenter & Wilkins was one of the leading law firms on the island and catered to a top-tier clientele of financial firms, which meant a constant inflow of new legal issues. But even though her work environment was challenging, Mary found her job a lot less social than she had expected. Perhaps it was memories of law school, but she had expected more camaraderie with her fellow lawyers. Perhaps she needed to take the initiative?

Learning Cantonese? As it turns out, sometimes you can ask a question without really asking a question, and sometimes you can reduplicate a verb even if there isn't a verb anywhere in sight. If this sounds confusing don't worry about it, it's just conversational Cantonese as spoken in Hong Kong. Take a listen to today's lesson and if you have any questions, drop a note in our comment section anytime or email us anytime at
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July 10, 2012
A nice one, useful vocab.

By the way, remember to increase the sound volume! It's way too low. You can compare your dialog's volume with ChinesePod's. When I listen to your dialogs at home - it's okay, but when I put it on my HTC and walk somewhere in a loud place, I can't hear a thing, even if I make the volume to maximum.

Thanks for your efforts! I love your podcasts.


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September 12, 2012
I have a subscription to popup chinese and in the discussion section I found I could get a complimentary subscription to cantonese as well. So I would like to register for this.