Learning Cantonese? We've all heard the horror stories, of friends of friends who came to Hong Kong for a nice beach vacation only to find themselves trapped at Hong Kong Disney for two weeks straight, shocked at the general lack of English on the island and unable to muster the courage to find their way to the closest subway, bus or taxi....

While we'll leave finding the beach as a self-study exercise, in this lesson we are going to solve your transportation issues once and for all. Join Brendan and Nicole as they cover the key modes of transportation in Hong Kong. We'll learn how to say the words for subway, bus and taxi and practice ways to ask for them by name. Everything is here except for "limousine", which is our way of telling you big spenders to sign up for our university program....
 said on
February 11, 2011
單車 daan1 ce1 = bicycle
 said on
February 13, 2011


踩單車 caai2 daan1 ce1 = to ride a bicycle