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posted by dave.mar on September 2, 2012 | 2 comments
What is the best way to learn jyutping? Is there an online tutorial that someone can recommend? I speak some cantonese, but find it hard to learn without a way to look up words in the dictionary.

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sacredhero86 on September 4, 2012 | reply
I have issues with this too...it's hard finding books on it...everything is in yale. There are a few apps and things though that are helpful. ChiDin is quite good. It will give you words and radicals in both the jyutping and pinyin. You can search in English or Chinese which is really helpful. If you pay for this site you get some good tools in jyutping as well....though the character writer is still broken. tilespeak.com has a mahjong game you can play with several hundred characters...it can be set to jyutping. If you find more please list them....I would love even finding a textbook.
jeffonggol on October 1, 2012 | reply
I'm not sure, but u may try to search Cantonese Primer by Yuen Ren Chao, a top one on language, at Yale's library.

If u can tell what u want to achieve in learning Cantonese in details, maybe I can give more helpful advice.