posted by bsafaei on February 16, 2013 | 13 comments
come on, it's been too long since this site has published any new lessons. Let's get some new ones
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orgulous on February 26, 2013 | reply
Yeah, I've just signed up and I hope that lessons come in more frequently, particularly intermediate and advanced ones.
ryskis on June 12, 2013 | reply
Agreed. We need more lessons.
orgulous on June 26, 2013 | reply
I'm not sure what's going on here. You promised more lessons coming at the end of April and it's getting close to July and nothing's come yet.
trevelyan on June 27, 2013 | reply

We're doing the best that we can given our limitations. If you're a supporter and aren't happy with the state of things, we're happy to issue an unconditional refund.

sacredhero86 on October 31, 2013 | reply
Yeah It's a bit sad. The lessons are good, but the site has truly suffered from a lack of support. It's been over a year and the drawing pad still isn't fixed. Hope things get better :(
ljacklin on February 23, 2014 | reply
here here!

ljacklin on February 23, 2014 | reply
your lessons are great but we need more