posted by bryan_d_robinson on July 9, 2011 | 2 comments
How can I view the popupcantonese lesson PDFs on my iPhone? I can download them through my iTunes feed, but when I try to copy the PDFs to the iBook area, the documents do not show up.

Is there a PDF reader that can manage this lesson PDFs so I can read them on my iPhone?
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trevelyan on July 12, 2011 | reply

I'll see what I can dig up. In the meantime, the transcripts are all included in the MP3 file as part of the id3 tag. So if you tap the screen while the MP3 player is playing you should be able to see a copy of the dialogue, etc.


bryan_d_robinson on July 18, 2011 | reply
I think I found a solution that will work. You have to have iOS 4.0+ and make sure to install the free iBooks application from Apple from the iTunes app store.

To install the PDFs, drag the PDFs from your PopupCantonese iTunes feed to your desktop or another folder. Then, in iTunes, select iBooks from your "Library", and then copy the PDFs from your desktop or the other folder to the iBooks library by dragging them. When you sync your iPhone again, the PDFs will be copied to the phone and you can view them in the iBooks app.