posted by ambergurung on February 7, 2011 | 3 comments
i'm desperate to learn as fast as i can.......i need it here in hongkong in all aspects career , business , culture and knowing the market...oh yeahhhhh making new chinese girl friend I MEAN FOR learning purpose you know better ....coz hongkong has huge market for ladies
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trevelyan on February 8, 2011 | reply

Yes -- of course we'll be producing more lessons in the future. As you probably know it's Chinese New Years right now so production is a bit slow, that's all. Once the Critical Noun series is done we'll be moving onto more dialogue-based lessons and upper-level stuff.


ambergurung on February 8, 2011 | reply
Honestly speaking I'm addicted with Cantonese and mandarin besides it's been challenging in honkong to get a job without being a native speaker lol looking forward pop up Cantonese is lot helpful thang David and all people
nicole on February 13, 2011 | reply

Knowing how to speak Cantonese not only helps people getting a job in Hong Kong but also in all China towns :)

Thank you for your support! 多謝你支持!do1 ze6 nei5 zi1 ci4.